Second edition of the Digital accessibility Summit Link

It took place on August 08 the second edition of the Link Summit of Digital Accessibility,
held by Hand Talk, creator of Hugo, virtual interpreter for sign language.

The event fully met the expectations and featured numerous speakers recognized for their
knowledge, engagement and achievements in the themes of digital accessibility. Some of
the highlights were Lucas Radaelli, Google's software engineer, and Clodoaldo Silva, a
Paralympic medalist.

With a simultaneous link/broadcast by Youtube, the amount of online subscribers
exceeded the expectation once again, passing from 9.000, while other 114 people were in
the auditorium of Google Campus to watch the event in person.

The event takes place for the second consecutive year and comes to crown the moment
surrounded by good news in Hand Talk, such as the award given by Google to the

The company was the only Brazilian among 20 worldwide organizations that passed the
Google AI Impact Challenge program, and will receive about R $3 million to invest in
artificial intelligence and product enhancements.

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Hand Talk receives awards from Google!

Hand Talk was awarded as one of the winners of the Google Artificial Intelligence Impact

Among approximately 2600 entries from 119 countries the startup was ranked among the
first 20, being recognized by social impact initiatives worldwide. The company received a
contribution around R $3 million from Google.

In a country where approximately 45 million people have some kind of disability, the
award will help to accelerate the impact generated by the company to the lives of its users
and seek other ways to continue helping them more and more.

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