About us

Created in 2017 Kviv Ventures is an impacting venture capital fund that prioritizes investments in companies placed between Early Stage and Series B Round (Brazil). The kind of business we are looking for shall be those who create or sell products or services that markets are really needy. They must be yet easy to understand and easier to explain. For everyone. Ever.

Easy to understand.Easier to explain.For everyone and ever.This is what we are looking for.

How do we intent to cause impact?

We aim to use these profitable, innovative, sustainable and with a great purpose companies such as tools to impact the society.

Smart Money + Friendly Capital + Partnership

We strengthen our entrepreneurs with more than just money, helping them in topics such as human resources, intellectual propriety, business plans, market research, marketing, finance, taxation, networking and so much more.

Nossa proposta de valor

Para empreendedores que compartilham de nosso propósito, somos um fundo de venture capital parceiro, de capital amigável, que busca retorno sem abrir mão do impacto que uma empresa pode fazer à sociedade em que está inserida.